Working in The Quarry

March 25, 2013 ey3admin 1 comment

Recently JW Jackson Mark Lodge performed an advancement ceremony in the Mark Degree at Yangan Quarry. The ceremony was started at Yangan Masonic Centre and then completed at the Yangan Sandstone Quarry. This gave the members of JW Jackson Mark Lodge and visitors the opportunity to conduct the ceremonial work in an historical setting.

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1 Comment on “Working in The Quarry

  1. WOW How inspirational what a forward thinking creation of masonry ,what we recreate in the Mark Lodge is REALLY true to the mind of what we all basically Know from a young age at school or just a bit of history ,scripture etc, just recently a young mason said to me that the interaction of more than just one or two people was just great ,the fascination was much greater,( Interesting )Please give my reguards to all your brethren and say a hello to Alan Falls ,I had a little talk with him at Batemans Bay recently, Bro Des Callaghan Kurri Kurri 49

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